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Features you will love

As developers we think about the features you will love the most.

Auto Devops

By automatically creating pipelines, Nodrize eliminates the complexities of delivering new releases.

Beyond Serverless

Deploy on serverless in an easy, fast and standardized way.

Colaborative Templates

Use template code to build your solution.

Private Repositories

Quickly and securely store your source codes.

Project Deployment

Deploy your complete solution, defining dependencies and affinities between applications.

Multi Environment

Define your environments and deploy automatically.

See how it works

Take a look at how our assisted creation process works.

core features

Common Backend

Every project generated with Nodrize, will have access to a layer of services that we call the Common Backend. Moreover, with these services, all our templates will have the ability to carry out the following services.

Email API
Task API
Spech to Text Api
Webpay as a Service


This assistant will accompany us throughout the life cycle of our project, identifying errors and making recommendations at all times.

This interpreter is the one that helps us throughthree simple steps: provisioning, versioning and deploying code, without the intervention of any other person than theDeveloper who is working with Nodrize (totally based on no-ops and serverless).

Simple steps

Easily create your projet

Step 1

👌 Select templates for your applications

Step 2

⚙ Build your solution together

Step 3

🚀 Deploy your entire solution faster and completely free

Step 4

✨ Get all the resources you need


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